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is there need reverse geocoding

Rapid account: Himanshssr
לפני חודשיים

Hi Trueway Team,
I want to intergrate your direction API in our app called FUELabc in India. I just want to know that as you are takign origin and destination as Lattitude and longtitude so I have to intergrate another api Geocoding to reverse them in to places name ?

Rapid account: Trueway
trueway Commented לפני חודשיים

Hi himanshssr,

Yes, that’s correct. You’ll also need to utilize a geocoding API to convert latitude and longitude into human-readable addresses or place names. You can use our TrueWay Geocoding API or TrueWay Places API for this purpose.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
TrueWay Team

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