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Hello, It's only at the country/international level based on the parsing of the email address. This helps in cases where you might want to segment email addresses by country or provide information in a certain language.
Mo. 6:14 21/3/22
Hello, The idea is that the algorithm, callable by the API, generates a similarity key that is used to match similar company names. In the above case, they would generate the same similarity key for each of the three above, which will be distinct from similarity keys generated for other company names such as Apple, Verizon, etc.. You can then match on these similarity keys rather than the data itself for a much higher match rate either within or across data sources. To create a match report, you could create a column with a database for the similarity key, and then sort the data by that similarity key. This will cluster/lineup those records that share the same similarity key. We have built some scripts that do this in an automated manner if you would like to discuss, but it's pretty straight-forward to sort by similarity key if you generate one for each record. Does this help? I would be happy to assist further. Note that we also have a Company Match Advanced API on RapidAPI which provides some more flexibility/sensitivity thresholding on generating the similarity keys. - Bob
Sa. 4:59 28/11/20
Here is a sample output response. The JSON response is all strings, and you can ignore "credits". The SimKey is what is algorithmically generated, and is used to match other similar company names. {3 items "SimKey":"edplDLsBWcH9Sa7ZECaJx8KiEl5lvMWAa6ackCA4azs" "Code":"Success" "Credits":"499758310" }
Do. 12:07 4/6/20