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Api instable

Rapid account: Devinstagram
4 months ago

enough!!!. in the last 2 months this api has been utterly unreliable. most of the times our MEGA premium account receive a blank response while the free one works. we are also not even close to the imposed hard limit. Will switch api and close our subscription as soon as our payed period ends if nothing changes SOON.

Rapid account: Bonrg 2 08
bonrg.2.08 Commented 4 months ago

Hi what data you get from instagram, I can develop a continuous parsing service

Rapid account: Devinstagram
devinstagram Commented 4 months ago

maybe thanks, but this is not the answer to our problems. I’m not worried about the monthly fee I’m worried about the business that is based on this suddenly unreliable api .

Rapid account: Funkyavocado
funkyavocado Commented 4 months ago

Write to Rapid API support and demand a refund

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