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Rapid account: Ivankuckir
il y a 5 mois

When I look at โ€œAboutโ€, at the end, it says
"If you expect to send a very high volume of requests, contact us, we can offer a custom private plan that fits your needs."

How can I contact you? I could not find any contact at , your messages on Twitter are blocked.

I tried to write you at two months ago, but nobody replied.

Rapid account: Dezgo
dezgo Commented il y a 4 mois

Hey there,

Oops! Weโ€™re really sorry for not catching your message from two months ago. It must have fell through the cracks, our bad! We know how important it is to get a timely response, and we didnโ€™t mean to leave you hanging.

But I see that you now managed to get in touch with someone on Zendesk about your inquiry.

Again, our apologies for the slip-up, and thanks for your interest.

Best regards

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