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Diana News and Analysis Overview

Diana News and Analysis is one of the most comprehensive commercial news APIs available on the market. It includes close to half of a billion current and historical news records. The API allows users to search for almost any subject or topic of interest, and provides article links, financial-specific tone and sentiment scores, and general tone and sentiment scores in a JSON serialized format. Premium packages include dedicated forward-deployed caching and commercial support.

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The Diana News and Analysis API provides a representative sample of news and media coverage for almost all topics. It includes API access points which can be used for a number of purposes, including positive and negative financail event detection, temporal sentiment and tone tracking, and general news querying.

Users should start their search by querying the /dates access point, which provides a list of dates where the search term has one or more search results.


The /dates API returns a serialized JSON string:

[{"Year":"2019","Month":"01,"Day":"01","Search String":"20151001"},{"Year":"2019","Month":"01","Day":"02","Search String":"20151002"}, ...]

The value in 'Search String' should then be entered into either the /counts or /articles access points.

The /counts API provides an aggregated count of all article matches on either a daily, hourly, or per-minute level. This is particularly useful for tracking current and historical changes in overall media coverage.

/counts/daily or hourly or monthly/yyyymmdd/search-term

The /counts API returns a serialized JSON string:

[{"Year":"2019","Month":"01","Day":"01","Number of Articles":"10"}, ...]

The /articles API provides financial and general language scores along with article links for up to four search terms. This is useful for tracking current and historical changes in media coverage tone and is particularly popular for financial event identification and trends.


Search terms are treated as AND keywords, e.g., Private AND Equity.

The /articles API returns a serialized JSON string:

[{"URL":"https://...","Tone":{"Overall Tone":"0.03","Financial":"1","Financial Positive":"1","Financial Negative":"0","Litigious":"1","Power":"1"},"Word Count":"82"}, ...]

Overall tone is scaled from +20 to -20, although observations above +1 and -1 are generally rare.

Financial is scored from 0 to +1, while financial positive and negative scores have an unrestricted range.

Litigious, which measures whether an article refers to a litigious event, is unbounded.

Power, which measures the frequency of a works which invoke power or dominance, is also unbounded.

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