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Return details from a specific game APi is not working anymore :( Error 404

Rapid account: Hamoseko
9 months ago


Rapid account: Digiwalls
digiwalls Commented 9 months ago

Seems that there was a weird bug on RapidAPI. But is working again after updating the details.

Rapid account: Drhebaelgamil
drhebaelgamil Commented 9 months ago

still fetching this link returns a network error

Rapid account: Abdoaskerr
abdoaskerr Commented 9 months ago

yes exactly its not working anymore

Rapid account: Vilgchilo 2
vilgchilo2 Commented 9 months ago

It’s true. Error with endpoint
Object { message: “Endpoint ‘/api/game’ does not exist” }
It seems that it is a backend error

Rapid account: Maaathias 64
maaathias64 Commented 9 months ago

i have the same problem, “Endpoint ‘/api/game’ does not exist”. I think the problem is with the key, but I don’t know how to fix it

Rapid account: Digiwalls
digiwalls Commented 9 months ago

As you can see here is working fine with me. Are you sure you using the correct id?

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