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Drawbridge Ad Request API Documentation

Precisely target mobile audiences and increase ROI Drawbridge technology enables targeting across devices to drive CPI, CPL, CPA, and customer lifetime value. Drawbridge's technology bridges audiences across devices and enables two mobile targeting and optimization products.

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GETAd Request
GETAd Request

Please check http://doc.drawbrid.ge/#65,67,82- for additional optional parameters. Server-to-server integration for mediation and ad exchanges. With server-to-server integration, mediation and ad exchanges can let Drawbridge programmaticaly buy and serve ad impressions on their network. The APIs are based on standard HTTP protocol, making the integration simple and easy to maintain. In most cases, the integration takes as little as one or two days.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDIdentifier for Advertising (iOS only) - this should be RAW.
REQUIREDClient IP address - In case of a mobile device, this is the IP address closest to the device. It could be a carrier IP address or Wi-Fi IP address.
REQUIREDSHA1 of Android_id. If this field is not available, use _imeisha1 in optional parameters section.
REQUIREDBrowser user agent if available for mobile devices or desktops/laptops. When user agent is not available, for ex. within mobile apps, supply the _dev* parameters listed below.
REQUIREDAppstore ID - Application id if request is from a native iPhone/Android application.
REQUIREDPage URL- The main page (parent) URL hosting the iframe for the ad request. This is only applicable if the ad request is from a mobile web browser.
REQUIREDPartner detected Unique User id (if available) - this is a unique identifier for users visiting the web page detected by the partner via cookies or other mechanisms
REQUIREDPartner Signature - A unique signature to validate the request originating from a partner. Please contact your account manager if you don’t have this.
REQUIREDPartner ID - An integer id assigned to every partner with Drawbridge. Please contact your account manager if you don’t have this ID
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Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

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