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Drillster 2.0 API Documentation

Drillster is an open cloud based memorization platform that helps users learn more in less time. Use our API to integrate with Drillster or to create your own memorization solution.

For detailed information about this API, please refer to http://www.drillster.com/info/api-2/.

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Drill creation
POSTCreate new drill
GETRetrieve drill details
POSTUpdate drill details
Group management and analysis
PUTAdd drill to group
POSTCreate new group
POSTDefine group objective
PUTInvite group member by email
PUTInvite group member by ID
DELETERemove drill from group
DELETERemove group member by email
DELETERemove group member by user ID
GETRetrieve group drills
GETRetrieve group members
GETRetrieve group results
GETRetrieve group objectives
GETRetrieve list of groups
Account and user management
POSTCreate basic user account
GETGet account access
POSTObtain account upgrade
POSTObtain password reset email
GETRetrieve own user
GETRetrieve user
POSTUpdate user
Practice and test
POSTModify practice preferences
POSTRequest test ticket
GETRetrieve own test result
GETRetrieve objectives
GETRetrieve practice preferences
GETRetrieve practice question
GETRetrieve test question
GETRetrieve test result
POSTSubmit practice answer
GETSubmit test answer
Drill management
PUTAdd drill to course
POSTCreate course
DELETERemove drill from course
Drill store and repertoire
PUTAdd drill to repertoire
DELETERemove drill from repertoire
GETSearch in Drill Store
GETSearch in repertoire
POSTCreate new drill

Creates a new and empty drill.


Fixed OAuth access token

Header Parameters
REQUIREDOAuth authorization token
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThe subject matter of the drill
REQUIREDThe name of the newly created drill
REQUIREDA description of the drill
Code Snippet
Install SDK

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
OAuth2 Authentication