Disposable Email Address Detector (Basic)
By emailhippo
Updated 10 months ago
Disposable Email Address Detector (Basic) Overview

This project is a freemium API wrapper for the burner email providers list created by wesbos(https://github.com/wesbos/burner-email-providers).

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Wesbos Burner Email Providers API (v1)

This project is a API wrapper for the burner email providers list created by wesbos.

Get Involved - Report New Disposable Email Address Domains

This API is only as good as the data provided by The Community. Please get involved in the project by keeping a look out for any new Disposable Domains

If you find a burner email address provider (AKA DEAs) not included on the list, please submit pull requests here.

Acceptable Use and Fees

The data is a community sourced project and is free of charge.

Hosting for the API is provided courtesy of Email Hippo who endeavours to maintain a free model of operation for reasonable consumption. However, Email Hippo cannot support a free service model for excessive usage and, to this end, fees apply for high usage scenarios.

Coverage and Accuracy

The data returned is derived from the wesbos Github repo and while there are a lot of domains on the list, this is only a small subset of the Disposable Email Address domains known to Email Hippo in it's Email Verification API. That being said, the wesbos list is fairly good and certainly better than having nothing in place to protect your sign up against from abuse from DEAs.


Client / Server Libraries

There is a comprehensive catalog of client and server code snippets and libraries available over at SwaggerHub.

Examples of client & server code @ SwaggerHub

  • PHP
  • ASP.NET core
  • Android
  • C#
  • Spring
  • Haskell

To access these, visit SwaggerHub and click the "Export" option on the top right of the page.

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