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Send SMS API Documentation

Send text messages

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Landing_pages API
GETList the published landing pages
SMS History API
GETGet sent SMS messages history
Contacts groups_API
PUTModify an existing contacts group
GETList contacts groups
DELETERemove a contact from a group
DELETEDelete a contacts group
Subaccount API
GETGet a subaccount’s purchases
POSTCreate a subaccount
POSTMove credits from/to subaccount
PUTEdit subaccount
POSTCreate a subaccount purchase
GETGet subaccount available credits
DELETEDelete a subaccount’s purchase
GETGet the list of subaccounts
POSTChange subaccount password
GETGet subaccount
Contacts API
POSTAdd phone number to sms blacklist
GETGet a contact
GETList contact’s custom fields
POSTAdd multiple contacts to sms blacklist
POSTAdd a contact
POSTAdd multiple contacts
POSTAdd contact to sms blacklist
POSTRegistration of a contact to a list
SMS Blacklist/Stop SMS
GETRetrieve list of phone numbers in blacklist
POSTAdd multiple numbers to sms blacklist
POSTAdd Phone Number to Blacklist
POSTSend a parametric SMS message
POSTSend an SMS message to a group
DELETEDelete a scheduled message
POSTSend an SMS message
GETGet SMS message state
Two_Factor Authentication
POSTRequest a 2FA Pin
POSTVerify a 2FA Pin
Email_Campaign API
POSTCreate a new list
POSTAdd a contacts group to a list of distribution
GETGet list of campaigns by statuses
PUTModify a list
GETGet all aliases
DELETERemove an alias
GETGet a specific alias
GETGet new received messages for one or more specific SIMs
GETGet the received SMS messages for all SIMs
Authentication API
GETAuthenticate using a user token
GETAuthenticate using a session key
User API
POSTReset password
GETVerify session
GETUser status
Email Campaign API
POSTCreate a new email draft
POSTSend an issue to preloaded contacts
POSTCreate new issue using a specified template
Received_SMS API
GETGet the received SMS messages after a specified message.
GETGet the MO received messages
GETGet new received messages for all SIMs
GETGet the received SMS messages for one or more specific SIMs
Contacts_groups API
POSTAdd a contact to a group
POSTCreate a contacts group
DELETEDelete a subaccount’s purchase

Deletes a purchase of the given subaccount. Caller must be a superaccount, and the Subaccount’s credit-eat-mode should be 2.

Header Parameters
REQUIREDYour authenticate Session key
REQUIREDYour authenticate User key
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThe subaccount ID or Login
REQUIREDThe purchase ID
Code Snippet
Install SDK
Response ExampleSchema

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
OAuth2 Authentication