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Send SMS API Documentation

Send text messages

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Landing_pages API
GETList the published landing pages
SMS History API
GETGet sent SMS messages history
Contacts groups_API
PUTModify an existing contacts group
GETList contacts groups
DELETERemove a contact from a group
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Subaccount API
GETGet a subaccount’s purchases
POSTCreate a subaccount
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PUTEdit subaccount
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Contacts API
POSTAdd phone number to sms blacklist
GETGet a contact
GETList contact’s custom fields
POSTAdd multiple contacts to sms blacklist
POSTAdd a contact
POSTAdd multiple contacts
POSTAdd contact to sms blacklist
POSTRegistration of a contact to a list
SMS Blacklist/Stop SMS
GETRetrieve list of phone numbers in blacklist
POSTAdd multiple numbers to sms blacklist
POSTAdd Phone Number to Blacklist
POSTSend a parametric SMS message
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DELETEDelete a scheduled message
POSTSend an SMS message
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Two_Factor Authentication
POSTRequest a 2FA Pin
POSTVerify a 2FA Pin
Email_Campaign API
POSTCreate a new list
POSTAdd a contacts group to a list of distribution
GETGet list of campaigns by statuses
PUTModify a list
GETGet all aliases
DELETERemove an alias
GETGet a specific alias
GETGet new received messages for one or more specific SIMs
GETGet the received SMS messages for all SIMs
Authentication API
GETAuthenticate using a user token
GETAuthenticate using a session key
User API
POSTReset password
GETVerify session
GETUser status
Email Campaign API
POSTCreate a new email draft
POSTSend an issue to preloaded contacts
POSTCreate new issue using a specified template
Received_SMS API
GETGet the received SMS messages after a specified message.
GETGet the MO received messages
GETGet new received messages for all SIMs
GETGet the received SMS messages for one or more specific SIMs
Contacts_groups API
POSTAdd a contact to a group
POSTCreate a contacts group
PUTModify a list

Updates a sending list.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDThe ID of the list to modify
Optional Parameters
company_url STRING
OPTIONALThe company website URL
OPTIONALThe company phone number
email_sender STRING
OPTIONALThe sender’s email address
OPTIONALThe list default language
reply_to STRING
OPTIONALThe email to be used for the ‘reply_to’ email field
OPTIONALThe company address
OPTIONALThe list status (0 = Active, 1 = Archived, 2 = To Be Activated)
OPTIONALThe list name
company_name STRING
OPTIONALThe company name
company_fax STRING
OPTIONALThe company FAX number
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