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Many2One API Documentation

Search within a huge quantity of documents (news, blog posts, websites, rss feeds… downloaded from thousands of web sources) based on publishing date, keywords and other parameters

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Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDStart date for search; must be in ISO 8601 format. Values older than 90 days from current date are not allowed.
REQUIREDEnd date for search; must be in ISO 8601 format. Time intervals greater than 10 days between dateEnd and dateStart are not allowed.
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALKeywords to search for. Logical operators AND, OR and NOT are allowed and must be in uppecase. Double quotes are used to enclose exact phrases. Words that are too common, like "the", "if", "as" will be ignored and won't produce any results. This parameter can't be longer than 200 characters.
OPTIONALPage number to retrieve from the results (starting from 1). If omitted, the default value of 1 is used. You can get at most 100 results per page.
OPTIONALIdentifier for the current search. Since the archive you are querying is continuously updated, you can prevent such behaviour from disrupting your pagination by using searchId. When you make a new search, you will omit this parameter; the result returned by the API will contain a new searchId which you can use when requesting the following pages.
OPTIONALIf included, the results for the current call will return the top N sources (where N is equal to this parameter value) along with their document count for the whole search (not just the current page). You can't ask for more than 100 top sources. VERY IMPORTANT: including this parameter will make the single call count as 3 requests instead of just 1. The top sources are based on the whole result set, so you won't need to repeat this request for each page.
OPTIONALWith this parameter, you can request for results from a specific source. You can also use part of the name, for instance: "nyt" for ""
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