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Very unreliable

hace 3 meses

Getting an email works sometimes, but often the result is

error: There are no emails yet

There is no pattern, completely random.

Where is the problem?

Privatix commented hace 3 meses

Just to confirm the issue. Are you checking single mailbox several times to list messages, but randomly getting either messages OR “There are no emails yet”? If not, please describe your usage pattern.

dstainhauser commented hace 3 meses

I’m polling 5 times the mailbox, waiting 2 seconds in between, always getting: There are no emails yet

I’m using: https://privatix-temp-mail-v1.p.rapidapi.com/request/mail/id/
Using random domains that I fetch before with the service: https://privatix-temp-mail-v1.p.rapidapi.com/request/domains/
I’ve got rarely a result, but most of the time no emails. I’m sure that the email has been sent. So is there such a huge delay, or is the API not working?

Thanks for help.

arezzdev commented hace 2 meses

still {1 item
"error":“There are no such email yet”

please fix 😦 paid this API but can’t use

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