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Global Tides API provides tidal heights predictions at any location of the World Ocean.


Tide prediction consists of the calculated tidal heights for a particular time and location and tidal heights and time of the extremes (low and high tides).

Tidal heights are returned as Mean Sea Level (MSL). Support for the other tidal datums like LAT, HAT etc is planned in the future.


This API is generated using AVISO+ Products. The predictions are calculated using global tide model which assimilates harmonic constants derived from 20 years of altimeter and tide gauges data. You can read more about the model at AVISO website.

Example usage

You can explore the provided data using Marea Tide Charts website which can generate interactive Tide Chart for the current year for any location of the World Ocean.


Predictions are based on historical tidal gauge data and satellite altimetry. The model does not take into account, for example, current weather and seismic activity so is NOT suitable for navigational purposes or any other usage where one can be harmed or suffer damage.


API exposes /tides endpoint with following parameters. See endpoints tab for interactive documentation and example response.

Parameter Required Default Type Description
latitude float Latitude in range from -90 to 90
longitude float Longitude in range from -180 to 180
interval 60 integer Interval means a number of minutes between the returned measurements. Please note that one response can contain max 10 080 predicted heights, so duration/interval can’t be bigger than 10 080. If you are interested in extremes only, you can set the interval to 0
timestamp current timestamp integer Timestamp (number of seconds since the Unix epoch) of the prediction beginning. Datetime represented with this timestamp will be floored to a whole minute. Defaults to the current timestamp.
duration 1440 integer Duration is the number of minutes for which the forecast should be calculated. Default and minimum is 1 440 (one day) and maximum is 263 520 (~ half a year). Please note that one response can contain max 10 080 predicted heights, so duration/interval can’t be bigger than 10 080.
radius 100 integer When no prediction is found in requested coordinates, API tries to return the nearest prediction in the selected radius. Defaults to 100 km and can’t be bigger than 1000

Changelog & Planned features

For changelog and planned features see Tides API changelog.

Research purposes

We want to support researchers interested in the API use, so if you want to use the API for research purposes and need more requests, contact us for a custom plan and we will try to do our best to support your research.

Unlimited access

If you need a plan with unlimited requests, contact us for a custom plan.

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