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Live and Upcoming Football Betting Odds

Its production-ready data.
Provider 1 has more matches and data than Provider 2.
There isn’t pagination on the match list.
I tried to create an API as simple as possible.
The Dates are in Unix timestamp format.
You should check lastUpdateTime for server errors for in-playing data.
It shouldn’t be smaller than 15 seconds.( prevent late betting )

Status: 1 markets open
Status: 2 markets suspended
Status: 3 match has been finished

Period IDS
0 => ‘Starting’,
1 => ‘1st’,
2 => ‘HalfTime’,
3 => ‘2nd’,
255 => ‘Ended’,

Plans: (All of them has been written but needs to be create API.)
Matches Results.
Bet Result Calculator with given score and bet service.
Match Historical Odds.
Match Goals Times.

Cargando API Playground

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