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Home and Away Strength explained!

Rapid account: Apg 667
2 months ago

Hello, I hope you are well! Could you please give me an explanation on how the home and away strength is being calculated? I am using the premium plan for some months now and after many tests I am going to join a new website using your AI. I would like to give visitors of my website an explanation when they see home and away strength numbers.

Rapid account: Apg 667
apg667 Commented 2 months ago

Great, thanks!

I will add the above short descriptions to my website.

Btw, for the long answer, any insights about the features used by the Machine Learning Models? Could you please name some, if possible?

Thanks again!

Rapid account: Boggio Analytics
boggio-analytics Commented 2 months ago


The short description below:
The home team strength according to the number of goals scored in the past against teams similar to the one faced in the current event. The defence of the away_team also influences this score.

The away team score is the same just for the away team where the defence of the home team also affects the score.

The long answer is that the value is computed by combining the different outputs of some Machine Learning models, there are many features that go into calculating the strength.

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