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List of countries supported!

Rapid account: Apg 667
2 months ago

Hello I am a premium user and I would like to know if there is an endpoint I could use to get all the countries supported by your API (like the list you have on your promo website). I know there is an option to get all federations but that does not return any countries. Only some acronyms that cannot be easily understood from my websites’ users.

Rapid account: Apg 667
apg667 Commented 2 months ago

That would be great! So I could use that data to explain to the visitors of my website what to expect.

What you have on your promo landing page is really great!

Please let us know when this endpoint is available.

Best Regards.

Rapid account: Boggio Analytics
boggio-analytics Commented 2 months ago

Hi, we don’t have such an endpoint at the moment but we can extend, didn’t have any other users requesting this so far.

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