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Current Celebrity Pricing

XML: https://celebrity-bucks.p.rapidapi.com/export/XML

JSON: https://celebrity-bucks.p.rapidapi.com/export/JSON

Limiting Results

If you only need a certain number of results (Top 10 for example), add a GET variable of "limit".

For example, the URL for the Top 10 celebrities in XML format would be https://celebrity-bucks.p.rapidapi.com/export/XML?limit=10.

Celebrity Data

For both the XML and JSON formats, you'll find two primary nodes of celebrity

  • BonusBucks
  • CelebrityValues

The BonusBucks node will provide any celebrities that are currently designated as "Bonus Bucks" celebrities in the system. These are temporary price changes and will expire on the date/time in the expires node.

The CelebrityValues node will provide all celebrities who currently have a price in the Celebrity Bucks Exchange.

Celebrity Birthdays

XML: https://celebrity-bucks.p.rapidapi.com/birthdays/XML

JSON: https://celebrity-bucks.p.rapidapi.com/birthdays/JSON

Celebrity Images

To find the associated image of a celebrity, use the following naming convention. Replace {celebId} with the actual celebId of the celebrity you want.




If an image doesn't exist yet, please use default.gif instead.

Guidelines & Caching

You are free to use our XML or JSON data in whatever application you wish as long as you credit CelebrityBucks.com somewhere and cache the results locally. It is recommended that you fetch a new copy every 30 minutes and then cache those results instead of grabbing the full file every time you need it. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) will refresh every half hour.

If we see excessive usage from a particular source or find that you are screen-scraping the Celebrity Bucks website, we will block that source so please adhere to our caching guidelines and everyone will be happy.

When you're finished with your app, we'd love to see it! Send us a note and let us know where we can find it! Good luck!

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