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Using site ID

Rapid account: Laurentseror
hace 9 meses
How do you find site id ? I want to parse french speaking ebay site like ebay.fr or ebay.be. How can I do that, I can only access to values from ebay.com
Rapid account: Ecommet
ecommet Commented hace 9 meses

The documentation for this API listed below:

To find all of the site id’s you can go to this eBay link:

You can only have one site_id for each request. In order to search for multiple sites, you will need so make multiple requests, each with a different site_id to the API.

Rapid account: Laurentseror
laurentseror Commented hace 9 meses

ok so here is my own answer : https://developer.ebay.com/devzone/merchandising/docs/concepts/siteidtoglobalid.html
Can I have multiple site ID in one request ?

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