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Cut additional search results from prices

Rapid account: Nataliya Mqq 9 C 2 Bg C

Hi! I’m wondering if it’s possible to fix something in this API? I’m not getting valid results, I guess, because you calculate a price with prices from “Results matching fewer words” included. And unfortunately, ebay shows irrelevant results there. For example I’m looking “chanel tweed stitch bubble tote,” and I’m getting min price of $70 and max over $2500 which is not correct at all.


Rapid account: Ecommet
ecommet Commented 9ヶ月前

Our team discovered the error. We have updated it to scrape the updated html and there should be no more issues. If you encounter any other problems let us know and we can fix them as soon as possible.

Rapid account: Nataliya Mqq 9 C 2 Bg C
nataliya-Mqq9C2BgC Commented 9ヶ月前

keywords: "chanel tweed stitch bubble tote", max_search_results: "120", remove_outliers: true, site_id: "0"

Rapid account: Ecommet
ecommet Commented 9ヶ月前

I can take a look at it. I’ll let you know any updates. eBay must have changed some html in their site. Could you provide me with the parameters you are using my api with?

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