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500 error responses appear to be charged

Rapid account: Sysadm
2 months ago


We have noticed that we are getting 500 errors (like the response below) when calling the item_search_1688 endpoint. The actual status code is 200 and based on x-ratelimit-requests-remaining header the amount of available requests is reduced.

  "result": {
    "status": {
      "msg": "error",
      "code": 500,
      "sub_code": "Undergoing maintenance, be patient. We expect to return back to normal soon!"

Why are these requests being counted towards the daily requests amount? Shouldn’t these output with the same status code as the one in the json response?

Rapid account: Esksolutions
esksolutions Commented 2 months ago

@sysadm i’m sorry, but maybe you now that is "total_sales:“1476"” in details endpoint. What is this number? The card of this product shows the sales volume for 90 days as 4900+

Rapid account: Gabrielius U
gabrielius.u Commented 2 months ago


Our apologies for this, this is a temporary error that happens every so often. We’re working on implementing permanent solution to reduce downtime to almost no downtown. Should take a couple of days.

Meanwhile it’s fixed for now.

Thanks for understanding.

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