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Item details does not return response.

Rapid account: Tomotomy

Even though the item exists details API does not return response.

{ status: 
   { msg: 'error',
     code: 205,
     sub_code: 'data-output:no.results.found' } }

is there some limitation for details api kind like some products does not return response?

Rapid account: Gabrielius U
gabrielius.u Commented 18日前


From your screenshot and after accessing URL, i can see that this item is not available and was taken down. 205 will be returned.

If you still need get this products data, you may need to use “item_detail_new” endpoint from “Advanced Taobao”


Rapid account: Sysadm
sysadm Commented 18日前


We are still facing this problem, here one example where we get this error message but the product still exists:

You can find screenshot of the product here:

Rapid account: Sakusaku 721
sakusaku721 Commented 1ヶ月前

Thank you very much!!!

Rapid account: Gabrielius U
gabrielius.u Commented 1ヶ月前


Yes, it should have fixed this problem. Only items that do not exist, expired or in other circumstances other’s could return this “205”.

This will be much more reliable. ?

We will work to improve more.

Thank you!

Rapid account: Sakusaku 721
sakusaku721 Commented 1ヶ月前

Today’s “item_detail_simple” Endpoint update fix this problem?

Rapid account: Thirdpartiesengineering
thirdpartiesengineering Commented 2ヶ月前


Do we have any update on this?

Will this be fixed?


Rapid account: Davidgarcia XKIR Oz 364
davidgarcia--XKIROz364 Commented 2ヶ月前

me too

Rapid account: Benjaminknudson 3 V 46 T Nff 4 Dj
benjaminknudson-3V46tNff4dj Commented 3ヶ月前

Still not working as of 2023-01-03

Rapid account: Pasansackvlv
Pasansackvlv Commented 3ヶ月前

me too
how to fix it?

Rapid account: Sakusaku 721
sakusaku721 Commented 3ヶ月前

me too.
today it isn’t working all day.

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