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Student want to use more request for your api

hace 5 años

Hello, we’re two french IT students that work on a project for the University. We need to do request of an API in our application and we found ur wonderful API for the Ligue 1 results. We want to know if it’s possible to have access at more request that 50 per months. Thanks for your attention.

heisenbug commented hace 5 años

Hi guys,

we are glad to know you appreciate this API, thanks, we are working hard to make it every day even better, stay tuned, more is coming…

As for the request, we need to know what exactly you need, (which APIs, how many calls per month, etc…) to evaluate if your request can be accepted or not.

More, as usually similar requests are rejected, more information you can provide about the project or any sponsorship we can get from it, can make the difference 😉

Let us know and good luck.


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