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Football live data needed for project

hace 6 años

Hii Team

To fulfill our project requirements, we need football live data. Please find requirements mentioned below:

1 Current Live Score. 2 Time Elapsed. 3 Red Cards/ Yellow Cards brandished to the playing squad. 4 Substitutions. 5 Match Statistics-Percentage possession. 6 Passes complete. 7 Total shots. 8 Shots on goal. 9 In case of goals scored-the name of the player/s who have scored . 10 If no live match, the we should retrieve the score from the last completed match.

After testing with our application successfully we can go for purchasing of API. Please provide solution for these requirements, And let me know in case more input required from my side…

Note: This project is on urgent basis.

heisenbug commented hace 6 años

Hi, thanks for your interest in our API, as for Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga even Ligue1 support your requests, but as already pointed out from response on the other Leagues we offer much more and more we have in mind for the next weeks, just for anticipating you something in a week or two we should offer either historical results as already done for Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga.
However we invite you to check our Documentation and Overview page for more information about as well as to follows us to be updates on new features release, promotions, sample codes or any communications about. We hope to have you with us soon.
Have fun with Ligue1!

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