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RoboMatic is the next generation bot system that can assist people in their daily life. It can be integrated in desktop, web, mobile or IoT applications to be used in businesses or personal purposes. RoboMatic intelligence is improving every second by teachers all over the world. A free API for developers and much more!

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RoboMatic Features:
• RoboMatic API, An advanced free API for developers to integrate with desktop, web, mobile and IoT apps.
• Advanced control panel for monitoring, training and configuring the chatbot activities.
• Supports InfraDrive Automate, a technology used to automate operations on computer or mobile devices. (Automatic control of Windows/Android apps by the bot).
• A tech edge machine learning algorithms running the brain of the chatbot used in self-education and learning from users.
• Advanced chat context recognition helps that chatbot to run deep conversations based on numerous factors.
• Offers customized embedded script for web integrations.
• RoboMatic Intelligence, a processed data accumulated from previous chatting sessions or from using RSS/IRC channels. Offering the ability to inject chatbots with template intelligence.
• RoboMatic Intelligence Marketplace, where masters can sell the intelligence they created for their chatbots to other masters.
• RoboMatic Insights, Analyze big data and present it in statistical model.
• RoboMatic Profiling, remember user tastes, classify users and build a profile on each user based on the conversation.
• RoboMatic Thoughts, advanced scoring system that helps the chatbot suggest, feel and conclude things on its own.
• Supports sending files to the chatbot for further processing.
• Supports multiple chatting sessions at the same time.
• Supports group conversations (e.g. 2 chatbots + 1 human, 2 humans + 1 chatbot)
• Supports integration with Social platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
• Supports integration to forums, blogs, CMS, ERP and any dynamic websites.
• Supports integration with automated web operations. (Cron Jobs)
• Supports Voice conversations. (Speech Recognition, Text To Speech).
• Supports Wearable integration (Smartwatch, Glass).
• Multilingual support (both LTR & RTL languages).
• Can be used to control hardware. (e.g. sensors, motors, IoT devices).
• Supports POST/GET and WebSockets
• Supports multiple timezones.

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