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Nearly 4 years ago, Lufthansa Group started its Open API initiative, as a cooperation of Lufthansa IT and Lufthansa Innovation Hub. The main target of the Open API is bringing Lufthansa data, as one of its core assets, into other environments to generate new services or enhance the capabilities of existing ones.
In general, APIs are nothing new in the airline industry, but to open data for 3rd party access is still considered as not feasible and too risky.
We started the Open API to prove those arguments wrong and are constantly working on improving and enhancing the data/functionalities offered.

As for now, we do openly share:
General aircraft, airport, airline, language, country information
Operational information on schedules, flight status
Lounge and seat map information
Lufthansa Cargo order status and schedules

Via a further registration, you may also apply for access to
Fares and deep links together with a commission model for bookings

All that can be found at

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