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API returns location data such as country, city, latitude, longitude, timezone, asn, currency, security data for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in JSON or XML formats.

IP geo location API gives the detailed information about IP location of your visitors. Data includes information about country, city, latitude and longitude, timezone, asn, currency and some security data.
API supports IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.
Response formats: json and xml.
Supported languages:

  • en: English
  • ru: Russian
  • zh: Chinese
  • es: Spanish
  • ar: Arabic
  • fr: French
  • fa: Persian
  • ja,: Japanese
  • pl: Polish
  • it: Italian
  • pt: Portuguese
  • de: German

We update our API on the weekly basis. If you would like to be notified of any major api updates, please let us know.

If you would like to have a better latency please subscribe and use this api directly from us. The list of plans is available on https://getgeoapi.com/plans/

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