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Inspire QOD not returning a quote

Rapid account: Nickcoury
8 years ago

I’m using your API to get a QOD from the inspire category. Today (1/11/2016), the endpoint is returning a valid response, but does not contain a quote. It doesn’t appear to be an error on my side but want to find out if there’s a problem getting the QOD. The other categories still return the QOD as expected.
Thanks for your help!

Rapid account: Nickcoury
nickcoury Commented 8 years ago

Thanks, it’s working again.

Rapid account: Orthosie
orthosie Commented 8 years ago

Try now. Caching issue.

Rapid account: Orthosie
orthosie Commented 8 years ago

We are taking a look and will get back to you shortly.

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