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Can we have the last sale price and owner phone number on the Property Records?

Rapid account: Yuckyhomes
일 년 전

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, is there any way we can have the (last sale price) and (owner phone number) on the property records? We really need that information.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Rapid account: Realtymole
realtymole Commented 일 년 전

Hi again,

As I mentioned in my previous message, the last sale price of each property will be returned in the lastSalePrice field when using our Property Records (/properties) endpoints.

If you don’t see that field returned in your responses, that means we do not have this information available for that specific property.

You can see code samples for retrieving property record information in many popular programming languages on our API documentation page right here:

If you still need further help, please email us at

Cindy Bellford
Realty Mole Support

Rapid account: Yuckyhomes
yuckyhomes Commented 일 년 전

Thank you for the response.
I’ve checked example responses, and the last sale price is not on the list.
Could you please email me the code for that?

Rapid account: Realtymole
realtymole Commented 일 년 전

Hi there,

When using our property records endpoints (/properties) we do return the last sale information (when it’s available) in the lastSaleDate and lastSalePrice response fields. If you do not see them returned, that means we don’t have this information for that specific property.

As far as owner phone numbers - that’s not something we have available at this time. We only provide the names and mailing addresses of property owners.

Cindy Bellford
Realty Mole Support

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