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High 87% Error Rate

hace 2 meses

How can I tell what the errors are and whether it is your issue or mines?

Do I get charged for these errors?

The latency is 4297ms, which is very high. Can you work to make it lower to the USA?

restyler commented hace 2 meses

Hi! The best way to understand if the issue is happening on the API side is to launch an isolated request and see how it performs.
You can copy simple cURL snippet from API page ( ) and launch it in your terminal and see if it returns proper data.

You can also investigate in logs if RapidAPI provides you, as a customer, access to these logs (I am not sure that you see the same logs as I do).

The API latency depends on proxy providers. Some of them are slower than others. Do not forget that API also performs request retries in case of failure, under the hood, which increases the latency.

I would say 2-4sec is a normal latency for the API now.
I have updated API proxy pool now, since I noticed some of the errors are indeed happening on proxy side. Let’s see how it goes now.

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