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Curled data incomplete

Rapid account: Eguiluz
לפני 5 שנים

I’m writing you only to let you know that with this url that I just used to try your service,
I only received 1 email, 3 links to social media and 0 phone numbers.
If you enter in the link, you could check that there are a lot of information to crawl that
was no found.


Rapid account: Reviewshake
reviewshake Commented לפני 5 שנים

No worries, I completely understand and appreciate you checking us out! Let me know if you have any other issues in the meantime. I will close this for now.

Rapid account: Eguiluz
eguiluz Commented לפני 5 שנים

Ah, ok… thanks for the answer!
Yea, it has all the sense. In my mind I suppose that the services works in another way and I tried with this url as an example of my needs.
Thanks for the support and time developing. I will continue trying your service!

Rapid account: Reviewshake
reviewshake Commented לפני 5 שנים

Hey there, thanks for this! This API doesn’t take URLs with subfolders at this point - the URL you provided was saved as on our side. It’s not intended to scrape a single page, it’s intended to scrape an entire site for metadata, because if you already know where the data is, the API isn’t very useful. Hope this makes sense?

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