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🚀 Fast and stable Instagram API. Scrape any information from IG: user infos, media, stories, comments and more. Don’t miss! Custom plans and crypto payments are available on request – feel free to contact us or We will be happy to help you integrate the API into your system.

⚡️ RocketAPI is meant to be the easiest Instagram scraping API available on the web.

💸 Building a custom IG scraping solution can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, focus on your business and let RocketAPI do the heavy lifting.

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We have a lot of Instagram endpoints:

  • Search
  • Get user info (by username)
  • Get user info (by user id)
  • Get user media
  • Get user clips
  • Get user guides
  • Get user tags
  • Get user following
  • Get user followers
  • Get user stories
  • Get user highlights
  • Get user live
  • Get user similar accounts
  • Get media info
  • Get media info by shortcode
  • Get media likes
  • Get media comments
  • Get media shortcode by id
  • Get media id by shortcode
  • Get guide info
  • Get location info
  • Get location media
  • Get hashtag info
  • Get hashtag media
  • Get highlight stories
  • Get comment likes
  • Get audio media
    and more.

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