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Get accurate real-time sales tax rates by ZIP code in a simple to use API. We provide realtime rates for all (+41,000) US juristictions.

Make a request by entering the ZIP or ZIP+4 and we return detailed sales tax rate information including:

  • Combined Rate
  • Local Rate
  • State Rate

Our rates are kept up to date by the team at Sales Tax USA and our data is hosted on blazing fast cloud servers in New York City; so there won’t be any downtime for critical applications using our API. Our API is designed for app developers, webdesigners and small and medium sized businesses who are looking for a cheaper alternative to TaxJar with a simple dataset that can be used to build powerful apps and websites.

This API returns real-time sales tax rates for each individual ZIP code. Sales tax rates are for the USA only.

The API can be accessed from any country that RapidAPI operates in. There is no restriction for non-US users.

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