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Humans are used to taking in non-verbal cues from facial emotions. Now, AI can also get better at reading emotions. The model detects the following emotions on a human face: neutral, joy, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, disgust.

Emotion Detection

This model analyzes expressions on a human’s face and identifies their emotional state. It detects all faces in an image, then takes each face as an input to analyze the expression. With this emotion detection technology, you can detect the following emotions: neutral, joy, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, and disgust.

Emotion detection API use cases include but are not limited to ad testing, entertainment content analytics, surveillance monitoring, etc.

Input type

For the input image, the following extensions are supported: JPG, JPEG, and PNG. The maximum image size is 1920x1080.

Result example

        "probability": 0.98,
        "rectangle": {
            "left": 71.38750197336044,
            "top": 47.552113214756055,
            "right": 291.84930589000385,
            "bottom": 450.8455882774045
        "emotion": {
            "value": "happy",
            "probability": 0.90,
            "sentiments": {
                "angry": 0.0016742909792810678,
                "disgust": 7.964045653352514e-05,
                "fear": 0.00010980576917063445,
                "happy": 0.9026057124137878,
                "sad": 0.0005883954581804574,
                "surprise": 0.0008069504983723164,
                "neutral": 0.09413523972034454

Result interpretation

The output is a list of dictionaries that include the coordinates of all the faces and probabilities of detection. The location of the detected face is in the form of the top-left and bottom-right pixel coordinates of the frame. In the corresponding dictionary of a face, the value for the emotion, the probability of the given emotion, and a list of labels of all the sentiments and their likelihood are presented.

Possible errors

While analyzing your content, you may encounter the errors listed below:

  • 400 - Bad Request
  • 404 - Not Found
  • 408 - Request Timeout
  • 415 - Unsupported Media Type
  • 422 - Unprocessable Entity
  • 500 - Internal Server Error
  • 501 - Not Implemented
  • 502 - Bad Gateway
  • 503 - Service Unavailable
  • 504 - Gateway Timeout

In case of any errors, please send the details to this email: info@smartclick.ai.

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