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Rapid account: Forrest Hunter
7 years ago

Good afternnon and to whom it may concern,

I am working for Dell Boomi this summer as an intern. They have assigned me a project and in my project I find it best fit to use this API as it has the best reviews with regards to summarization. The issue that I am running into is that I need to put in a card number and credentials for the most basic package, and my company cannot give an intern a company card. I was wondering if you could make an exception for me/my account and just have the the API send an error/no longer work if I run over the 100 free summarizations for the day? I know that I am asking a lot, and I appreciate your time reading this email. Thank you and I look forward to hearing a response.


Forrest Hunter

Rapid account: Textanalysis
textanalysis Commented 7 years ago

Sorry, cannot help you more. The payment method set in Mashape, equal for everyone, I cannot change it.

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