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API needs to be scaled (?). Null responses or API seems to be down.

Hey there,

I’ve been building an app using your API however I’ve encountered some issues which happen rater often.

Particularly* API availability*, every second day or so the service* seems to be down*. Getting response full of nulls.

Please let me know if there’s a possible way of helping you out with maintenance, scaling or something like that. Anything to get things stable and latency fast. I’m currently on a “Pro” plan but will be happy to switch on a different one if it somehow helps and etc.

I really enjoy using API despite all of this and must thank you for your great product.

Kind regards,
Boris (Telegram @devjesus)

Rapid account: Webit
webit Commented a year ago

Dear customer,
thank you for reaching out.

We apologize for the delay in providing a reply to your support request. Unfortunately this API endpoint was tied to our older domain name. Our current domain name is webit.ai.

The API is meant to properly work even on the lowest pricing plan. Therefore, it’s our care to make sure everything works flawlessly for you.

It looks like there was an issue within our response pipeline. Could you please let us know if you are still encountering the issue?

Best regards,
Webit Support Team

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