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Use all the power of AI and machine learning to reduce your costs on image recognition and moderation in your apps and products. The Everypixel Image Recognition is a set of pre-trained models available through the API. Thanks to easy algorithms assignment, developers can start using them once they sign up.

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The main difference between Stock photo scoring and this model is in the training dataset. User-Generated Photo Scoring is a model trained on a 347 000 of user photos from Instagram. Estimation parameters for this model were prepared by a group of 10 professional photographers. Scoring methods are based on five classes: very bad (0-20), bad (20-40), normal (40-60), good (60-80) and excellent (80-100). This model is designed to evaluate user photos taken both by a professional camera and by a camera of a smartphone. It doesn't estimate the plot and do not measure how cool or beautiful a person or an object on a photo may look. It cares only about technical parts like brightness, contrast, noise and so on. The service is not dedicated for scoring historical photos, illustrations or 3D visualizations.

Header Parameters
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALYou can also send an actual image files for scoring.
OPTIONALImage URL to perform scoring on.
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