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Extract boilerplate-free text from news articles, blogs, press releases, and more with a single request. We take care of the IP address rotation, automated retries, JavaScript rendering and job persistence. You just get clean text and the details you need.

Extractor API is a feature-packed API and online no-code tool that handles all the heavy lifting and headaches involved in clean text extraction.

Robust API:
We handle IP rotation, retries and JavaScript rendering - you get clean text.

Relevant Text:
We use hardcoded rules and machine learning to extract only the text you need.

Extract Everything:
Extract article text, image and video links, HTML, page titles and more.

Visual Extraction:
Don’t want to use the API? Use our online no-code tool to paste or upload URLs!

Persistent Jobs:
Both our API and online tool allow you to save extracted text to your Jobs page.

We offer a Free (forever) plan that allows you to perform 1,000 requests per month. You can try out any of our plans for 14 days free. You can cancel anytime before then and you won’t be charged.

All plans include IP rotation - including our Free plan - and the feature is enabled by default, so you’re all set! All paid plans include JavaScript rendering and the ability to wait for the page to load.

Sign up here: https://extractorapi.com/extractor-api-pricing/

See the full Extractor API documentation here: <a href=“https://extractorapi.com/docs/” target="_blank">https://extractorapi.com/docs/</a>

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