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Summarize textual content (ie: reviews and more) into a powerful and highly compact format, Pros and Cons, using Fakespot’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model.

At Fakespot, we facilitate the shopping experience of millions of users on a daily basis. A crucial mission is to extract and present the most valuable information about a product from its reviews. We are excited to announce the Pros-and-Cons Summarization model, which is now available for third party use on RapidAPI.

The API has been trained on billions of textual data with the target to extract top-level insights and most valuable information from text by condensing a list of textual content, such as product reviews on e-commerce platforms, business reviews, user feedback, evaluation reports, social media comments, etc. The API consists of numerous natural language processing (NLP) modules that allow the extraction of aspect-based opinions and sentiments, and further utilize these to produce concise and fluent summaries. The NLP modules are state-of-the-art, and they are fine-tuned in the contexts of applications to provide coherent results. The language covered is English.

The Rate Limit is one (1) request per minute.

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