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The color service is trying to answer a question: what is the color of the product on given image?
Currently we provide 2 kinds of answer, both providing list of colors and their weights
(predicted proportions of image being in that color).

Dominant vs Palette

  • dominant colors: colors in the image that best describe the product (any of 16777216 colors might appear in the result)

  • palette colors: colors from a given palette that best describe the product (only colors in the palette may appear in the result)

    • primary colors: palette of 17 basic colors
    • secondary colors palette of 138 fine-grained colors

Primary colors palette

Is palette of 17 colors based on named colors in css 2.1 specification

Secondary colors palette

Is palette of 138 colors based on named colors in css 4.0 specification
(The referred css palette lists more than 138 colors, but it contains duplicates e.g. “cyan” and “aqua” are both names for #00FFFF)

Object detection

While fetching the colors of the whole image has some applications,
we believe that there is more value in parsing the colors for each object separately.

Solid background removal

Current version focuses on widely used eshop images featuring single product on a solid (usually white) background.
Therefore, the api provides an option to have the solid background removed before color parsing.

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