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Findery API Documentation

At Findery, we love sharing interesting stories about places around the world. Up until now, the only way to join the party was through or our apps.

Now there’s a backstage pass with the Findery API.

Using the Findery API, developers can integrate with Findery. Create Findery notes for any location, gather notes into collections (we call them notemaps), and discover interesting places nearby. The Findery API is free and includes endpoints for notes, notemaps, comments, users, following, and more.

What can I do with the API?

With the Findery API, you can take advantage of our great content, near and far. Get nearby notes for local discovery, tourism, or the awesome tidbits you won’t find in history books. Display notes about your business to show how much customers love you. Create a notemap full of hidden treasures to visit. We look forward to finding new uses for Findery!

How do I get started?

The Findery API is free and easy. If you have experience with APIs, you should feel right at home. The Findery API implements the OAuth 2.0 standard for secure authentication and authorization and uses SSL for communication.

Get started by registering your app. It only takes a few minutes. Feel free to ask us questions on Stack Overflow.

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