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SEC Form D filing API. Get private company, hedge fund, private equity fund, and venture capital fund fundraising profiles. See connections between people, companies, and funds. Populate your CRM with phone numbers and addresses of companies and funds that are actively fundraising. Filter new filings by state, company/fund type, amount raised, etc. Our freemium API is available at a tiny fraction of the cost of Pitchbook, CB Insights, etc. Subscription tiers are available for internal use/CRM integration as well as public-facing websites looking to make use of our data.

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GETGet Industries
GETGet Fund Types
Search Database
GETCompany/Fund Search
GETPerson Search
GETBroker Search
Company/Person/Broker/Filing Profiles
GETCompany Profile (from CIK)
GETPerson Profile (from Person ID)
GETBroker Profile (from Broker ID)
GETBroker Profile (from CRD Number)
GETFiling Profile (from Filing ID)
Filing Feed
GETFiling Feed/Search
GETFiling Feed/Search

This endpoint returns a filing feed based on any combination of a date range, entity type, range of amount raised, primary company/fund state. It also allows a limit range to be set. NOTE: all JSON return strings are limited to a maximum of 50 kilobytes. Ensure that your query is sufficiently narrow, or an explicit result limit (<= 25 per call recommended) is set to ensure that the call does not return a 0 status.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDA start date of the format YYYY-mm-dd . Only filings since this date (inclusive) will be returned. Since filings are returned in descending date order, this parameter can be set to the distant past to not limit by date.
REQUIREDMay be "FUND", "COMPANY", or "ALL". Only filings of the specified type will be returned.
REQUIREDThe maximum number of results to return. It is not recommended to set this value higher than 25. NOTE: All JSON values are limited to 50 kilobytes in size. If you set this parameter too large, your result set will not be returned.
REQUIREDThe first result to return (starting from 0). Modify this value to page through large result sets.
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALMay be set to one of the values returned by the Discover Available Parameters endpoints. Separate values are provided for funds and companies.
OPTIONALOnly filings where the total amount sold is greater than this parameter will be returned. Leave blank for no lower bound.
OPTIONALOnly filings where no more than amounthigh USD was raised will be returned. Leave blank for no upper bound.
OPTIONALOnly filings whose primary entity is located in this two-letter US state code will be returned. Leave blank for all states.
OPTIONALOptional end date (of the form YYYY-mm-dd) for the result set. If this is not set, the current date will be used. as the end date.
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