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Airport not found

il y a 3 ans

The airport with the ICAO code “LSZH” is not found. While the one with the code “LSGG”, which is smaller, is well found. Something wrong? Thanks

AirportGuide commented il y a 3 ans

Hi t0m3,

That is very strange indeed as it shows up on the web site. Let me take a look at the query to my databases and I’ll get back to you.

AirportGuide commented il y a 3 ans

It turns out this is a RapidAPI error and I’m looking for a work around.

The reason LSZH did not turn up any records is that in the data returned, there is the text Zürich. RapidAPI is failing to return a result if it contains one of these foreign characters in any of the return fields like the ü in Zürich.

AirportGuide commented il y a 3 ans

Hi t0m3,

The problem has been fixed. In addition to RapidAPI having to correct their code, the airport APIs needed to expect UTF-8 characters to be returned from the database which is the ü in Zürich.

SHould you have any further issues, please reply to this thread.


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