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Urgent Issue with 429 Errors on Pro Plan Despite Low Usage

Rapid account: Leandrosilvaferreira

Hello everyone,

I’m currently experiencing a frustrating issue with the Blackbox service, and I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. I’m subscribed to the Pro Plan, which offers a limit of 30,000 requests per day. However, I’ve been receiving constant 429 errors, which generally indicate that I’ve exceeded my rate limit.

Here’s the odd part: according to my own metrics, I’ve made only 430 successful requests so far and my average rate of requests is just about 0.06 per minute. These figures are way below the limits set by the Pro Plan.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? It’s crucial for my work that this gets resolved as quickly as possible. I’ve already contacted support via chat, but I’m hoping for some community insights as well while I wait for their reply.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Rapid account: Leandrosilvaferreira
leandrosilvaferreira Commented 6 months ago

Hi CMunroe, the bug wax fixed. At least, until now, is working as expected. Thank you!

Rapid account: C Munroe
CMunroe Commented 6 months ago


RapidApi itself has been having issues over the past few days. One person I have been working with mentioned earlier today that the issue has been addressed by RapidAPI support.

Can you please confirm if the issue is still ongoing?

Rapid account: Leandrosilvaferreira
leandrosilvaferreira Commented 6 months ago

Do you have another way to consume this API without rapid api ?

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