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fields revenue and employee missing from /companues/data

il y a 9 mois


The attributes “revenue” and “employees” are present in the /companues/data endpoint response in the official doc but I do not see them anymore in the api responses. Was there a change on that endpoint recently?

Thanks in advance for the answer

Implisense commented il y a 9 mois

Hi there,

thanks for being a customer at Implisense and for your question! Yes, it seems there is indeed a small problem, which I will check. For our company, Implisense, employees is still present, but revenue is not. In any case, however, these two fields are just derivatives of the size attribute. Size is defined in accordance with the SME definition by the EU (see I.e., for a small company revenue is always 2-10 million euros and employee number is always 10-49 (analog for micro, medium, and large). More specific values can be obtained via the /financials endpoint. Because this endpoint is more expensive and coverage is far from 100 % (smaller companies in general do not need to report their finanicials), there is the virtually free /financials/exists endpoint, with which you can check in advance which values are available for which company and which year.

Hope this helps!



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