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Constantly cached results

Rapid account: Igurman
לפני 5 חודשים

Hello, we’ve been using your API for a while.
When a NS change occurs, we get old results for a very long time, compared to all DNS checkers out there and even compared to the test endpoint of your API on RapidAPI. I tried the forcefresh pramater:

Nothing seems to help, I get the old NS in the results even though they propagated across the globe hours ago… can you help?

Rapid account: Igurman
igurman Commented לפני 4 חודשים

I just added a long comment and after posting it just disappeared?

Rapid account: Igurman
igurman Commented לפני 4 חודשים

Hi there, we keep experiencing this discrepancy, For example:

Vs our backend:

Totally different (wrong) results, now for 12 (!!!) hours straight.

Rapid account: Igurman
igurman Commented לפני 5 חודשים

Hi there, I still seem to see this discrepancy.
So on your end the NS are correct, but when the call runs from my app browser, old results are shown.

Rapid account: Zozor 54
Zozor54 Commented לפני 5 חודשים

Thanks for reaching us.
Our nslookup result are not cached.
I updated the list of our DNS Server. You should have better result.

Best Regards,

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