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Comment Issue

Rapid account: Mianarslan 9380
a year ago

There’s an issue in the API

When we wanna select the top comments, we are able to see only 10-15 comments and not all

Like after 10-15 comments, the same comments get repeated

Rapid account: Mianarslan 9380
mianarslan9380 Commented a year ago

I’m waiting for your feedback on this problem .I need an quick solution because my app is already live on playstore.

Rapid account: Mianarslan 9380
mianarslan9380 Commented a year ago

Hi thanks for your reply here is what I’m doing:

** Step 1:**

Api Call:{end_cursor}
Description: it will return 20 comments and end cursor.

**Step 2: **

Api Call:{end_cursor}?end_cursor={“cached_comments_cursor”: “17967851314962258”, “bifilter_token”: “KDwBEABgACAAEAAIAAgACAAIAAgA937_-z89W6-uv_7-_etZ36PdPDv-_v_e_n_f_mz_3v65a9uReECEIIAA”}

Description: In this step I used the end cursor returned in step 1 and its returning the same comment list and same the case for next end cursor.

Please check this and reply to me as soon as possible because app is published.

Rapid account: Ahmetarpaci
ahmetarpaci Commented a year ago

I’m sorry for the problem you’re having.
But when I test it, I can pull comments normally.

I also get the data by making an instagram scraper and share whatever comes.

As you know, Instagram is an application that always updates itself.

If you share the shortcode you tried, I will test it.


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