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Extrema times problem

il y a 10 mois

Hi Apihood and community,

I am facing some precision problems, too.

If checking 53.875,8.75 against the official tide charts from the BSH, TidesAPI is completely wrong with extrema times at some locations. See for the given coordinates at Cuxhaven today (02 Aug. 2021 to 03. Aug. 2021):

Official Tides (correct, GMT+2):
HIGH TIDE: 20:35
LOW TIDE: 03:12
HIGH TIDE: 09:09
LOW TIDE: 15:46

TidesApi Tides (wrong, transposed to GMT+2):
HIGH TIDE: 21:16 (41min later)
LOW TIDE: 01:41 (91min before)
HIGH TIDE: 09:46 (37min later)
LOW TIDE: 14:04 (102min before)
HIGH TIDE: 22:15 (31min later)

Here the tides are in a nearly 4 hour to low tide, 8 hour to high tide rhythm. Why? This seems to be a deal in Cuxhaven and rarely some other locations, but not all at German North Sea.


apihood commented il y a 10 mois

Hi Chris,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with the prediction precision. We are currently using mathematical model which uses historical water level measurements and satellite altimetry. The model is global (meaning for all world oceans), but the quality may vary by the location.

Because of that we are currently adding another global model and few thousands predictions around the world which are based on the historical tide gauge measurements in the particular location.

For the mentioned location we are going to add predictions based on the water level measurements from Cuxhaven. New values would be:

Provider High Tide Low Tide High Tide Low Tide High Tide
BSH 20:35 03:12 09:09 15:46 21:44
Marea.ooo (Current) 21:16 01:41 09:46 14:04 22:15
Marea.ooo (Cuxhaven) 21:07 03:30 09:39 16:01 22:08
Marea.ooo (New model) 20:20 02:46 08:54 15:20 21:31

You can take a look at the current model, Cuxhaven station or new model at the staging marea page (please note that this is development environment which might not be available all the time).

If you want to be notified when the new API is deployed to the production, please subscribe for notification at https://api.hood.land or let us know at hi@hood.land.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Have a nice day

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