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Custom plans

Rapid account: Alessandro Larosa

are there any options for custom plans, for instance for 1 million API monthly API calls?

Rapid account: Ariefsam
ariefsam Commented 5 months ago

hi @raji, yes we can. Can you tell me, how many request needed per month?

Rapid account: Raji 1 Er OA Bnqk
raji-1erOABnqk Commented 5 months ago

can you create a custom api that displays user profile and their information if we input hashtag?

For example, we want to retrieve user information based on hashtag e.g. #vegan

Email me at raji@peopletail.com

Rapid account: Ariefsam
ariefsam Commented 10 months ago

HI @acachialee, every purchase will get total request in “free of charge” section, if user use more than that, it will be a add on charge ±$0.01-0.001/request based on pricing model. So you must regularry check the limit (included in every API request), unsubscribe and resubscribe again to get more “free of charge” request.

Rapid account: Acacialee
acacialee Commented 10 months ago

Hi I’m interested in the instagram API to get users’ profile. Can you let me know the pricing quotation?

Rapid account: Ariefsam
ariefsam Commented a year ago

Can you check the private plan that I created for you?

Rapid account: Ariefsam
ariefsam Commented a year ago

Hello, I will send a private plan for you ?

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