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Invalid API key solution

il y a 8 mois

Just create an API key at OrderTracking : https://www.ordertracking.com/api-index.html and use directly their EndPoints (GET /carriers and POST /trackings/realtime are free). The Rakuten API key and Endpoints are dead.

Gothikdelights commented il y a 7 mois

Credits takes a few moment to update so maybe you had the impression that was free but I can confirm that is not, with both insert or realtime. (or maybe was a temporary bug)
ATM each new tracking count toward the 100 free x month, you can scan the inserted tracking unlimited time though.

b.abdelhak34 commented il y a 8 mois

i used the https://api.ordertracking.com/v1/trackings/realtime with post request but it takes credit!! for each tracking
would explain more please, or double check your account credits.

stephanemoni commented il y a 8 mois

It’s unlimited when you do not create a tracking item with this Endpoint: POST /trackings/post. But if you only use GET /carriers and POST /trackings/realtime endpoints, they will not charge you any credits.

b.abdelhak34 commented il y a 8 mois

it is limited to 100 free trial
how you managed to make it unlimited free ?

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